32oz - Makes 8 gallons

Perfect for outdoor garden or

vegetable garden needs.

Garden Defender is an all-natural pesticide designed to help control unwanted pests the same way mother nature does.


Garden Defender will effectively control all types of aphids, mites, thrips, leafhoppers, leaf miners, whiteflies, scale, gnats, caterpillars, moths & many more.

By using all organic and non-GMO ingredients, Garden Defender has been formulated to be completely safe for your family, pets and beneficial insects, including bees. We have created a product that is completely residue-free and biodegradable. Be assured this product is environmentally responsible.


“WOW! Garden Defender really works! It knocked out a large infestation of aphids in my garden. Very impressed!”

- G. Bishop

Active Ingredients……….         .1% (Geraniol)
Inert Ingredients………….  99.90% (Water, Soap, Jerusalem Artichoke, Cinnamon Oil)


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